Blitz Economy 2.0

The following set of images were edited to accurately reflect the status of the updated Blitz economy. A caption competition was run on the NA Blitz forum. April 2016

Too poor to afford ammo, tankers camp at spawn hoping that Red will just drown themselves.



This T7 Car sucks, Imma sell it for a bag of peaches. At least we’ll get a garage slot to put our broken dreams in.



“Mom, mom, Blitz had an update and Billy sold his bed again.”



Runner up (non-economy captions)

“Little fella died with his boots on, doing what he loved best: ignoring his teammates and driving his T2 Light in circles. RIP: player_8436432492”



Little did they know that when Papa first came home with super fuel and coke, claiming he felt better than he had in years, he would end up selling everything they owned to feed his habit.



“Is Glorious Worker’s Paradise,” they said. “Ze streets, zey are paved in Gold, yours for ze takink eef you’re fast loader” they said. I was fast loader. My fazer, he was fast loader. His fazer before heem, fast loader. Now, zey are all dead. Is no paradise. No Glory. Ze gutter iz my Uncle Joe now. I shall drink.



UnicumBob, unable to curb his provisions habit, loses his house



I don’t always play Blitz, but when I do, I make sure I lose my shirt.



Runner’s up

“Honey, check out my new hair gel, suspenders, and pipe. These wargaming provisions are top notch!”

“But why did you sell your shirt, Boris?”

“The well provisioned man must make sacrifices, dear.”



Don’t you fret none, Rosasharn. When we gits to Castilla you won’t never have to work as a loader no more.



This distinguished gentleman has sold his shirt and resorted to a scandalous occupation to earn enough credits to continue his Blitz playing.



Heartbreakingly, the super unicums were forced out to the street corner, turning tricks to support their provisions/prammo addiction.



Runner up:

The Kalvin Kemp Korner collection. Overpriced wanker fashion for camping tankers.



Meet your Multi-Purpose Restoration Pack pit crew gremlins who repair all damaged modules lickity split in the heat of battle.  On break, waiting out the 90 sec cooldown timer.



Free to play single player training room


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