WWII Colorized: SU-76M

Re-blogged from WWII Colorised Photographs

The Battle of Vienna – “Vienna Operation” March 29 – April 13, 1945

A Soviet SU-76M (Samokhodnaya Ustanovka 76) of the 697th (SP ArtReg) Self Propelled Artillery Regiment, 9th (GuMechKps) Guards Mechanised Korps of the 6th Guards Tank Army – drives through Kirchschlag in der Buckligen Welt, Lower Austria.
March 29 – April 1st 1945

(This SU-76M has the tactical number ‘126’ – Serial Nº 412062)

The Red Army entered Austria on the Easter weekend in 1945 from Good Friday on March 30, to Easter Monday on April 2. Soviet forces of the 3rd Ukrainian Front crossed the Hungary-Austria border and entered Austrian territory just prior to it on March 29, 1945. The Vienna Offensive began several days later, on Easter Monday.

(Colorized by Olga Shirnina from Russia)


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