Halloween 2016

Thanks for joining us LIVE in the garage studio! What are you doing out there on the beach Bob? We are just finishing the restoration of our beloved Ferdinand after some fool rolled it out into the Tier VIII Defender wasteland. What a wreck. We sandblasted the scorch marks off, replaced the tracks, reworked the interior, gave her a fresh new cammo job (for only 2250 credits, Olé!). Isn’t she a beauty? Over to you Bob McNoobie at Mirage, our guest tanker for this week, what’s going down out there? Sounds like a party!

… beep … a … beep … beep …

… Well shucks, nah, we just have a few of our buddies down here at Uncle RatBats Tiki hut on the beach. Just chilling for the weekend. You know, having a few cold ones, playing volleyball, snorkeling the sub wreck …

… beep … What’s the weather outlook? What are the sunsets like out there? … beep …

… Oh its just perfect! That brutal storm has rolled out to sea, and theres nothing to see here except smoldering dead red Van Helsing’s. The sun is dipping into the ocean right now, the sky is ablaze! The weather outlook for the rest of the week is sunny with an afternoon light sea breeze! And here come the first stars, it’s gonna be a beautiful night! …

… beep … a … beep … That’s great to hear Bob! It’s been a tough few weeks on the battlefield! Glad its all over! Say Bob, isn’t that Asylum just up the track there on Mirage? … beep …

… Yeah, that’s the Great Falls State Psychiatric Institution. Nasty place, no-one goes there, it’s the other side of the hill. Why? ..

… beep … Didn’t you hear the news? Wasn’t there some kind of disturbance out there today? Didn’t one of the inmates escape? … beep …

… The only thing we heard about was the 3x noobweekend. What a dumb event to run after a Halloween grind. Anyhow, we don’t care, we are just going to hang out together and celebrate our winnings in CW2 Potato vs Donuts league (Yeah baby, LTB with “CulturalRevolutionMao” cammo!). The seven of us are hanging in the Tiki hut and are going off the grid for the weekend: no phones, no internet, no TV, no satellite, no way for anyone to bother us! St3vE’s here, he just went out a couple hours ago to fetch a coconut, don’t know why he isn’t back yet. Dave83 had a few to many and is sleeping it off in the abandoned train. MackSniperBoss went to check the power line, for some reason the lights were flickering. Anyway, he must have backed up into the pole up because the power just failed. It doesn’t matter because I just sent CharlieHESH to get the one hurricane lamp we have out of the basement. Tanker_Christine is out by herself scavenging the wrecks for any prammo that didn’t cook off. Sounds like Sally4th is in the hut next door watching a horror movie. Anyway, it’s pitch black here now and I think I’ll take a walk to watch the moonrise from the top of Noobsniper Hill. it’s a beautiful night! Well it was, but that wind is a bit chill and those clouds have rolled in quickly. What’s that? Someone’s running a chainsaw out here? What a doofus, the tankers knocked all the palms down already. I’m just going to go sort this feller out, must be one of those clan guys. Catch ya after the weekend!

… beep … a … beep … OK, thanks Bob, have a great weekend! There you have it folks, straight from the battlefield. The noobstorm has blown over and all it’s all safe again out there! Sunshine and a refreshing breeze all weekend long! Don’t touch that dial because our blockbuster back-to-back line up of Halloween Horror movies starts tonight! “KV2dom”, followed by “Meatshield VII” and at midnight for the first time on BlitzTV: “Dirty Filthy Ke-Ni-Otsu Platoon”.


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