WWII Colorized: Matilda MkII

Re-blogged from WWII Colorised Photographs

The crew of A12 Matilda MkII ‘Defiance’ (T 6849), 4th Royal Tank Regiment, 32nd Army Tank Brigade, take a break during the fighting near Tobruk, Libya. 28 November 1941

After evacuation at Dunkirk the Battalion was re-formed in September 1940. B Squadron was sent to Eritrea, with sixteen Matilda tanks, in October 1940 to support the campaign against the Italians, taking part in the battle for Keren in March 1941. The rest of 4th RTR arrived in North Africa in December 1940 and it later served as part of 4th Armoured Brigade in May and June 1941, during Operations Brevity and Battleaxe. After Operation Crusader it helped in the lifting of the siege of Tobruk and 4th RTR joined 32nd Army Tank Brigade as part of the Tobruk Garrison, but in June 1942 it was lost when Tobruk fell to the Germans.

(Photo source – © IWM E 6804)
No 1 Army Film & Photographic Unit
Major Geoffrey Keating

(Colorised by Gabriel Bîrsanu from Romania)

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