Tetrach Ace-fail

Ferd is getting ready to dip his toes back into game recording and editing, so some demo game film may get posted without commentary as some settings get worked up. Since Ferd noobed his way up the tiers the first time around, he’s also started an Ace-chase for remediation of low tiers. The intention is to ace every tank in the garage up to Tier V. Tier I and II are finished, except for the Tetrach. It’s been a tough one and Ferd’s not sure if he just doesn’t have some tricks worked or if the Valiant Effort modifier has jacked the ace bar out of reach (hopefully that’s on the way to being normalized). He’s also not sure why he’s writing in the third person. Anyway, this game highlights the biggest problem with low alpha guns … not being able to finish off kills. Ferd killed one tank, and missed out on 5 others, for a very boring 2nd class. There have been 5-6 first class games along the way, all featuring “not quite enough” kills.


And a 1st class featuring a couple kill shots into the dirt and some more kill steals just for fun. This one must have been close.





(only took all week)


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