Nothing to see here

Welcome back to the BlitzTV main studio here in the corner of the garage! Some of the M60 rage and IKEAcar grind idiocracy seems to have settled a little recently. Furthermore, real life, that weird thing that goes on outside of Blitz occasionally, has vacuumed up some of the time required to percolate the creative juices needed to brew up the appropriate dose of insanity to pen a BlitzWeather report. So without any further ado, this weeks outlook:

Easing of Noobstorm Cat 4 conditions to ordinary, run of the mill, seasonal bad weather observed at most times on the NA server. BlitzTV forecasters predict a short lull of moderate conditions prior to recommencement of the following* as soon as the next grind event is announced:

*Actual calls from this past week

  • “Always hold the center!” (Green nubtie on Desert Sands)
  • “Right on this map” (Green medium, wanting Mill on Winter Malinovka, perhaps not having played since the update to WM 2.0)
  • “lol wut?” (Green medium when directions are given to take and hold the high ground on Dead Rail. Said medium proceeds to charge and die in town)
  • “Idiot”, “Sniper idiot”, “Idiot T49” (Dead green heavy that pushed across the bridges on Castilla, when the whole red team was lit up and under withering fire in the Monastery and the eastern village)


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