It’s All Copacetic

Welcome to BlitzTV WOT-ers for this wonderfully watchful BlitzWeather wire! We’ve been appraising the temperature of terrible teams towards tethering tanking to tolerable timeframes.

And… it’s all great! Nothing going on. It’s copacetic Y’all.

What possible perturbation could persuade purposeful pursuers of flag apprehension points to decamp, preamble-free, to prolifically pullulating pastures? Bountiful bashings of tenderfoot innocents abound in intermediary stratum venues. Take heart proud seal dispatchers, unite and together avenge the misery inflicted by seemingly outsourced and undereducated pixel robots!

[producers voice:  Put down the thesaurus DrFerd and just hit them with the report]



Ahem, sorry. Uh, how to say it? Ladies and gentlemen: it’s about to get bad again. How bad? Possibly, really not very good at all. On a scale of 1-10, it’s quite likely to be about 3 for quite some time. BlitzTV recommends settling on a tier to do missions in, do those missions, then get out and do something more rewarding.

Such as reading a dictionary. 


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