Timed Out


G’day Tankers and welcome back to the central BlitzTV studio, the one and only place for your all important weekly BlitzWeather Report! Don’t go tank without it!

So without any further preamble or commercial support fulfillment obligations, such as we would give for Stalin-alin™ the  brand new, enriched and extra-potent energy booster for crews of Tier VIII Soviet auto-loaders, here is this weeks BlitzWeather Report:

Cloudy conditions forecasted with the impending arrival of Blitz update 3.8. All tankers are advised to take the necessary precautions when ……

TICK, tick, tick, tick ….




[Producers voice: … What happened?]

[Studio host: … The timer started …]

[… that’s not good. How long do we have to wait? …]



/On screen counter: 6 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, 50 seconds till next BlitzWeather update … tick, tick, tick … [Accelerate with Patreon]

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