3.8 Equipment Fiasco Caption Competition V


  • A new image will be posted on weekdays, at least until we all get sick of it.
  • You, my semi-loyal audience, will add humorous and exceptionally witty comments either here or on the NA Forum
  • The best captions will be memorialized in some way that seems fitting at the time.
  • If I had any Patreon’s, there might be prizes. But I don’t.


03 Repairs.jpg

2 Comments Add yours

  1. LieutenantDan_1 [¡¡¡] says:

    Blimey, just wot do ya think yer doin’ there, mate? Can’t install that until the timer runs out!


  2. LieutenantDan_1 [¡¡¡] says:

    That’s it, stay right in that position, I’ll install this WG approved lube using this official WG Stikitupthere ™ pole


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