You’ve Got HateMail XIV

The official Blitz Forums have user regulations that penalize naming and shaming. Quite rightly, the intent is to prevent gratuitous antisocial aggression and retain cordial expression of opinion. Here are FerdSquad however, we have no such scruples.

Welcome to the FerdSquad name and shame category.

Heres’s how it works. I’ll attempt to keep the HateMail spammers engaged with witty dialogue and post the results here for your general entertainment. I’ll also take submissions for the thread. Please email in the screenshots with a brief and wryly humorous description of the event to:

What will get published: humorous take downs of chat bullies

What won’t get published: crude, vulgar, unoriginal or humorless banter


WoT Blitz 10_7_2017 7_27_59 PM.pngWoT Blitz 10_7_2017 7_31_31 PM.pngWoT Blitz 10_7_2017 7_27_53 PM.png

WoT Blitz 10_7_2017 6_52_30 PM.png
The one about the Cubs winning it all, again


The one about getting deleted by a 183b, as if that’s never happened before


The one about Kenny, the best $5 ever spent in Blitz


The one about justification



The one about rainbows


The one about the medical emergency



The one about boots


The one about “Shhhh! Don’t tell them!!!”



The one about self-identification


Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 10.41.36 AM.png
The one about royalty

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