WarGaming to improve balancing of Soviet-era vehicles in Blitz

MINSK, October 24, 2017 – Wargaming Group Limited, an international game developer and publisher technically headquartered in Cyprus (which may, or may not, have something to do with overly generous corporate taxation rates), announced today that a new game mechanic will be introduced in the next update of Blitz.

“After exhaustive data analysis, we conclude performance of some Russian tech tree vehicles do not accurately reflect historical dominance” said Senior VP Digital Armor Engineering Nicholas Autobouncenyev, “and therefore we balance correctly”. He went on to detail the new armor scheme coming to equipment, known as Stronnk, levels 1-5.

“Soviet heavy tank, front, sides, rear and turret armor are Stronnk 5 when purchase. Soviet medium and light tanks Stronnk 5 on front and turret and sides only. TD in Soviet tree only level 5 on front armor, but sometimes on rear too, which is surprise but historically accurate. All other tanks from historically non-dominating countries can research to Stronnk 3.” Mr Autobouncenyev surmised, “Just need 35 thousand spare parts for each upgrade.”

Following the announcement WarGaming speculation surged 112 points, primarily on the back of impulse purchasing in far Eastern Europe, erasing any impact caused by last months rumor of the so called “SpartsHAX” illicit black market trading on the NA server.

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