Blitz MM Queues to Feature AI Bots in 2018

MINSK, October 25, 2017 – In a groundbreaking press conference today, Associate Assistant Vice Developer of Benefit Uncoordinated Noob Kontrol-Team Enhancement Strategies (BUNK-TeaSe), Boris Stronnkanov, released early details of WarGaming’s long term vision to introduce AI bots to Blitz. “AI technology continue improve at faster rate than actual players” he stated, “meaning forward projections peg combat effectiveness of bots overtaking the ability of average gold-noob some time in late 2018”.

The current crop of AI bots are only found in restricted access servers. Their performance statistics are far superior to much of the current player base however, Mr Stronnkanov emphasized, “They drive forward, actually toward enemy, and shoot at them. Its great success with AI.” Stronnkanov was somewhat less convincing when discussing the limitations of bot navigation. “Move around solid terrain remains technical issue, correct, but AI learns much faster than humans, at least compared our humans …”


The company believes introduction of such technology will “vastly improve” the experience for veteran players who have long lost any expectation of competent teams. “I just want greens outa spawn and shooting stuff” contributed frustrated long-term player NyetLoyalNUF when asked for an opinion, “These bots sound boss”.

Footnotes in the accompanying press release indicated the company is also considering shifting actual gold-newbs to development servers to provide YouTube contributors targets without risk of return fire, because “They won’t even notice.” To standing applause Stronnkanov concluded “Given superior learning ability, we expect also our bots to finish school, get job in mobile game market and provide long-term revenue for WarGaming by sponsorship and cross-licensing opportunity. Future more bright than for most Blitz humans actually”.

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  1. WouldChip says:

    Sounds legit. Can’t wait!


  2. chipfilternv says:

    Sounds legit. Can’t wait!


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