Breakthrough Study Indicates 74.3% of all Blitz Stats are Likely Meaningless 

BOSTON, October 30th, 2017 – In a study published today in the International Journal of Pixel Conflict Resolution and Analysis, Nobel laureate Professor Naught V. Goode Ph.D. of the South Western Bay State University reported that the large majority of metrics applied to individual performance by the World of Tanks Blitz community did not accurately reflect specific aptitude, or overall positive influence, on team achievement.

Professor Goode painstakingly evaluated a database of 23,765 games he has assembled since “reinitiating” an account, strictly for research purposes, in November 2015. He writes that “current evaluative methodologies overemphasize the importance of victorious encounter ratio”, and that “application of colorized ranking formulae risk the long-term impact of psychologically damaging, peer-driven stigma”, and finally “the status quo subconsciously builds aggressive adaptation toward bullying behaviors, which characteristically profile and target more inexperienced pixel armored vehicle operators”.

The euphoric atmosphere of the accompanying packed press conference deflated somewhat when Professor Goode answered with a terse “no comment” to a question related to his apparently inability to leverage a reroll-purchased Ki-Ni Otsu to achieve and maintain a winning record for his account Player_0025749541.

When approached for comment on the landmark research, a spokesperson for WarGaming suggested that Professor Goode’s experience was largely representative and that the most successful route toward self-improvement was through careful study and application of the core principles of game mechanics, or failing that, the purchase of a Universal Booster Kit, currently a bargain at only 4,200 gold in the premium store.

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