Trans-National Tanks to Receive Their Own MM Queue

San Francisco, November 14th, 2017 – In a move intended to coerce restructuring and modernity to the staid social stratification of Blitz, WarGaming announced changes to the global matchmaker algorithm yesterday, opening new queues specifically for vehicles with trans-national service. “The Pz. S35, 38H and B2 740 have been particularly vocal about the identity-uncertainty caused by trans-national action” commented WG Vice Assistant Director of French Armor Historical Sensitivity _OuiSurr3nd3r_1940_, “particularly the endless goose-stepping parade drills they suffered during cultural re-education.”

The new MM queues will only be open to trans-service tanks, as a safe-space to conduct battle “without the stigma associated with service-identity realignment” encouraged OuiSurr3nd3r. The developers claim the new MM queues will also assist the lend lease Valentine II, Matilda IV and Churchill III vehicles in their long and slow transition back to their nation of origin. There is no word yet on whether Czechoslovakian trans-service armor, such as the Pz. 38(t), 35(t) and 38(t) n.A. will be offered the reassignment assistance, but the announcement stated categorically that the Panther/fakeM10 and all fantasy tanks were non-qualifying and would be excluded. To support those suffering service-misappropriation the company has opened a GoldFundMe charity in the garage to support de-transition training. OuiSurr3nd3r affirmed quietly, “After all, APCR is APCR, no matter what flag you’re flying”. Indeed, the new queues will provide the opportunity “to admire the quality flora, take a scenic drive in the hills, wade at the waterfall, or find the fireflies on Vineyards”.

Not all players have been on board with the move however, with Blitz Justice Warriors taking to the streets and attempting to block the highway on Black Goldville during the first few minutes of a tier VII Supremacy battle late in the day. Funerals for those unfortunate enough to select a platoon of rampaging Dracula’s to lie in front of will be held at the Middleburg church at the Friday afternoon mission reset. “3.H8 doesn’t change anything” soothed _OuiSurr3nd3r_1940_, “a little sensitivity is much more effective than just dumping trans-tanks in animal kingdom training rooms”. According to WG “There are far more serious issues in the MM queue that we need to address as a priority”, such as a huge “upsurge in FV215b (183)’s that self-identify as tier IV medium tanks”.


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