F.E.S. Wins Sub-Contract for Blitz Map Design

LONDON, November 17th, 2017 – At news conference held with President Edgoward R Precipitous of the Flat Earth Society, WarGaming announced today that the non-profit organization had won a closely-fought competition to become the “global partner (pun intended!) of Blitz mapmaking”. WG Senior VP of Elevation Control, Z_hillz_Sniper, stated “While the society may be held in some disdain by the scientific community at-large, their bid for the sub-contract was convincing.” He went on to outline their proposal for map re-design and introduction of new maps, “based on the Temple area of Lost Temple, the pavement port sectors in Yamato Harbor and Port Bay, and the center courtyard of Fort Despair. Detailed further by the President, “Our efforts to educate the Blitz-playing public to the horrors of geographical abuse have been squarely focused on the outrageous terrain featured in the first release maps”. Detailing the shameful hillcamper inducement which resulted from the 1.0 versions of Middleburg, Oasis Palms, and Desert Sands maps in particular, Precipitous essentially confirmed the long-held public opinion of a huge anti-non-turreted-TD conspiracy at WarGaming. It seems that the F.E.S. first became interested in design when they noted all the Blitz maps were square, “just as in real life”, meaning they were also probably cross-connected in a massive checkerboard-like grid, “Again, just as in real-life”. Z_hillz_Sniper closed the press conference with the hint that the ultimate goal of the partnership was to provide German tech tree “feline family” tanks with the additional crew skill of being able to swipe enemy tanks off the map edges during battle.





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