Nerfed Tanks Suspected of Kidnapping Blitz Developer

MINSK, November 20th, 2017 – Concerned friends and family of a local WarGaming employee are begging authorities to act more urgently upon the suspicion he was kidnapped late last week. 300mmUppRplate was last seen leaving WG-HQ on Friday, but never made it to his home in the historic Trinity suburb. His family became alarmed when neighbors discovered grainy black and white surveillance video of what appears to be an abduction on their street. “Two suspicious characters on corner,” recalled one, “look like foreigners. VK types”. Said another, “Spotted a platoon. They try reset camo, but no good because use optics not net”.

Over the weekend, kidnapping came into tight focus as the most likely motive when a burnt and bloodied KV-1 turret was found on the end of 300mmUppRplate’s bed, along with what what appeared to be a poorly written ransom note. Among other stipulations, it demanded “10 million unmarked spare parts”, “binoculars back in equipment”, but above all else “un-nerfing in next update.” Sobbed the victims wife and regular platoon partner, who found the turret when she awoke, “We have no idea why they would target 300mm, he’s just a regular Blitz developer. He said something last month about balancing tank performance in an update, I think. Nothing important. Why, just why?”

State authorities have released composite images of the suspects, who indeed appear to be VK-family light tanks, possibly at tier VI. UppRplate’s family have started a GoldFundMe campaign, and are even disposing of his low-tier premium vehicles, to raise funds for the ransom demands, but noted sadly that “Spare parts can’t be bought for gold, or even recovered from sold vehicles. The Sparts economy stinks.” When approached for comment, WarGaming deflected direct questions on the suspected abduction or ransom demands, instead noting that “recent rebalancing working as intended” and that “MT-25 now with new gun, tier-for-tier, superior light tank.”

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