Blitz Garage Collapses Under its Own Weight

LOS ANGELES, November 21st, 2017 – After taking a prolonged leave of absence from his Blitz grind, local tanker BrianDArnold_1995 returned to the game yesterday to find that his garage had collapsed under it’s own weight. “I’m a casual gamer,” Mr Arnold confessed, “and haven’t played for probably over a year or more.” Claiming that he was first drawn to the mobile version of WOT because he could “just pick it up and play a game over a coffee,” he was soon sucked into a “never ending vortex of tech tree grinds, events, competitions, clan rewards and increasingly complex missions”.

Searching through the rubble with the help of former platoon-mates, Brian found a whole slew of weighty additions that may have contributed to the structural instability: certificates, containers, provisions, offers, boosters, an over wrought equipment system, camouflage, timers, spare parts, clan chat, training rooms, military honor, tournaments, and ratings. They were all strewn haphazardly about “like the china shelf after a Richter scale-5 rattler” laughed the gamer. “Doesn’t look much different to my garage, actually,” shouted a buddy as he was leaving, “make sure you find the binocs and platoon indicator marker, there in here somewhere!” It was past midnight before Brian realized he’d been pranked, “Those guys are the only reason I’m still here”, he sighed.



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