General Malaise Hits Blutz

SAN DIEGO, December 7th, 2017 – After grinding tanks, modules, crew, skillz, credits, free exp and now sparts, many long term players seem to be suffering a peculiar apathy toward WarGamibgs signature mobile offering. “Stupid 3.8”, said one embittered player, “I’m to tired to even care about my M3 Lee anniversary.”

The malaise is widespread according to Blits psychiatrists, with burnout related therapy sessions up 56% over the last holiday season. “We are even seeing prominent forumers, you tubers and community contributors seeking help”, explained Goin’Psyco, Eastern Block Vehicle driver expert guy, “the danger signs are everywhere: rambling commentary, lengthy delays between videos/posts, rage quitting.” He also said something about semi-intelligible, poorly edited and incomplete blog posts. Whatever. Dude needs to get a life.

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