Consumer Confidence in WarGaming at All Time High

NEW YORK, January 15th, 2018 – According to a highly anticipated report released today by the International Commission on Consumer Abuse, confidence in the business practices of Minsk-based WarGaming has grown to an all-time high. A clear leader in the “In-game Transaction e-Commerce Cash Cow” category, WarGaming is “Very pleased with recognize”, according to Katarinka Brokealgorithmov, VP of Customer Loyalty. In an accompanying special YouTube live stream, apparently designed to give C4 yet another chance to get even after losing the Twister Cup, Ms Brokealgorithmov announced that “best customer get special gift for celebrate!”

The annual survey canvases consumers across the globe to assess the relative underlying predictability of producer mind-set, and remains the most insightful report on robber Baron-ism in the modern global economy. As detailed in the report, WOT Blitz consumers have propelled WarGaming to lofty new heights since its release in 2014, with big jumps occurring with every tweak of the in-game economy, premium tank bundle and unnecessary added feature in x.8 updates. The commission have long applauded WarGaming for their unbridled profit-driven motivation, leading to a “World Class” and “Exemplary” 5-gold star predictability rating from consumers.

Of the customers prepared to forgo watching equipment timers for long enough to provide detailed responses, the most common ground for high confidence in understanding WarGaming business practices included the almost certain predictability that future updates would bring: “pay-to-win sparts”, “ping spikes and lag”, “not have a platoon indicator”, “moar noobs”, “overly complicated events”, “broken tournaments”, “moar Russian premiums”, or to generalize, “just kinda suck”.


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