Naming and Shaming Thread is Disappeared

ATLANTA, 15th February, 2018 – NA forum residents awoke today to the first slow dawn of an era without the Naming and Shaming thread, the massively popular entry point for FerdSquad HateMail posts. Long a staple of socially constructive criticism of player behavior and interaction, albeit vaguely subversive, the thread appears to have finally run afoul of the somewhat obtuse regulations of the current moderator regime. Disappearing without trace to what’s likely a terminal demise, no actual naming and shaming took place within the thread itself. Bemoaned regular contributor ImaLetUGarage, “wut?” and “**** those ****** skrub ****”

Internet security professional HillarysBasementServer_sniperBoSS reassured avid readers that all original HateMail content remains secure, as it is “housed on systems independent of WG influence” and that the content could be located successfully by “anyone capable of following a link in a forum signature”.

While the twenty second installment of HateMail was published yesterday, viewership was down significantly, presumably because the traditional route of alerting readers was no longer available. “The Blitz audience primarily project as content consumers, and not enthusiastic content re-distributors”, stated the originator of the deleted thread, “I’ll just have to find more creative ways of sharing content, for example through the judicious application of clickbait titling”.

While the numbing effects of “deletion-shock” took hold of the forum population that has persisted despite the appalling detached indifference of automaton moderators, the stirring of resolute hearts and minds was soon evidenced through a groundswell of patriotic marching songs and loud chants of “Long Live HateMail”.

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