New Rating Battles System Massively Successful

TORONTO, February 16th, 2018 – According to a local group of superuni’s from the H-SKIN clan, the new Blitz Rating Battles system in update 4.6 has been entirely successful at preventing efficient movement up through the leagues. “We wuz all dimond B4”, explained H-SKIN deputy iseeURammoRACK through garage chat, “stuck gold now”.  Confirmed regular platoon partner IClubUclubWEallClub “not nuff point. 2 many nub. no 1 play rating no mor”.

Roughly translated, these observations indicate that compared to the previous format, the new system successfully prevents upward mobility because (a) the lengthy calibration process prevents initial high placement, (b) the low number of points on offer per win equates to slow progress, (c) the balance between points awarded and subtracted for wins and losses is less favorable and impedes efficient point accumulation, (c) skilled players have become somewhat disillusioned with the flood of under-skilled participants and have lost interest in ongoing involvement and (d) all of the above have limited the number of players queuing for Rating Battles, making it more difficult to gain battle entry in a timely fashion.

According to WarGaming’s VP of Awards Distribution, NoSPARTS4u, the new system is “Working as intended”, with “no player make Diamond league” on the entire NA server. “Closest skrub still 500 points short”, laughed NoSPARTS4u, “Ha ha ha, da, is gud! Gud new system. Player will like.”

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