Pause in Deterioration of Gameplay Quality on NA Server

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky, 27th February 2018 – An unexpected pause in the deterioration of gameplay on the NA server kicked in today, at precisely 3 pm Eastern, when server access dropped out in preparation for update 4.7. Relieved local player MyBushKempURown spoke for many when he stated “Thank goodness the server is down. I’m going outside for a while”.

While the Blitz playing populace are enjoying the late winter weather, walking their dogs, catching a movie, calling their mom’s, or partaking in many other often rewarding non-Blitz activities, WG are hard at work behind the scenes getting the servers up and running as soon as possible. Said Junior Executive V.P. of Gold-Noobology __gimmi3Cr3dCard_ via satellite interview “NA server up by 7 usually. Bad play start again. Get worse after App Stores send update notifications”.

By all accounts, the pause in deterioration in NA server game quality is expected to be short lived, with the full glory of post-update yolo-fever projected to more than make up for the slight delay caused by today’s down time. “Race to bottom (of Tier X) on again real soon” finished _gimmi3Cr3dCard_ “But just get 121B by crates if you want to be first”.

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