A Farewell to Armor


/momentarily breaks from character

Who could predict the laughter, rage and adrenaline about to monopolize our spare time when WOT Blitz dropped June 2014. Like so many others I was swept up into an immersive world that far surpassed expectations and remains unmatched a full four years later. Along the way I’ve accumulated countless memories, many friends, a much larger collection of vehicles than I ever expected, a subversive forum presence, a dormant YouTube channel, and now a Blitz blog that is also gathering cobwebs. Real life is brewing up in such a way to blow the lid off any realistic opportunity I have to pursue personal goals within the game. The few clear objectives remaining, such as acing every tank that served in a meaningful way WWII (there are around 36 of them), joining tournaments regularly with my clan, and driving high tier Russian-bias heavies, have all been pushed frustratingly out of reach. Without time to play, or objectives to play for, an air of finality wafts around my garage whenever I load in.

So with that, I bid the Blitz community “Adieu.”

A hearty “THANK YOU” to those who have enriched my experience along the way: the ADDIX,  Triarii, our pre-apathy NA forum mod crew, any and all toonmates,  those who have played along with forum hijinks, or have shared, commented or criticized my content. Farewell! What strange timing it is, as WG have seemingly course corrected their little Titanic in sinking sparts and timers.

Long Live Blitz indeed.

/returns to character. May, or may not, be seen at rare intervals in his Kenny


DrFerd, signing off for the last time with a little “Greatest Hits” compilation

First video, Feb 2015


The hit skin scandal, Sept 2015


Some classic BlitzFlash articles: Sparts’nNerf, White House Jageru, Flat Earth Society, Nationality Confused Tanks, Political Officer, KV-2 Apology

Some unpublished BlitzFlash News posts: “Self-Driving Vehicles Pass Supertesting”, “Type-59 Impulse Buyers Still Searching for Hype”, “Andrew McConnery Arrested, Charged With Disorderly Conduct”, “Middleburg Tenors concert Saturday” [draft: The quartet is expected to perform from their classic repertoire including the ballads “Go alone, die alone” and “The conquering of Fred_Unkonqurbke”, before tackling their massively successful new material “Go town then fool”, “Let’s Store kinetic energy together” and “stop shooting HE at heavies you tard”]


Twister Cup 1 Analysis


The HateMail Collection.


The first BlitzWeather report, a foundational moment in launching the FerdSquad blog. Our courageous BlitzWeather reporters are signing off here with a generic weather warning, in effect at all times: “Its bad, OK?”

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  1. Klievhelm says:

    Thanks for the blog. Sorry you never got more recognition for the excellent Twister Cup analysis series.


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