Are you tired of ordinary notifications?

Does the Blitz load-in music immediately get your attention?
Should your phone announce “We’re done for, get out!” when your ex-GF/boss/mother-in-law/inbred cousin calls?
Do you ever find yourself wondering “Gee, I wish this boring class/planning meeting/awkward social event would get interrupted by sound of the SU-152 shell casing”?

Then… do we have a deal for you! Blitz-themed ringtones! Have a listen then grab the ones you want.

For  iOS and  Android.
(Google sign-in required. Free download)

iOS instructions* 

– Download ringtones (.m4r files) to your computer. Import to iTunes. They will appear in “Tones”
-Sync iOS device
-Use “settings/sounds/ringtones” to set alerts to your favorite explosions
(or from step 9 in these instructions)

Android instructions*

– Download ringtones (.mp3 files) to your computer.
-Upload to Android device
-Use “settings/sound/device ringtone/add” to add and set your alerts


Ringtones were made by mixing 2-3 different in-game audio recordings. WG retain ownership of the tracks according to the EULA. Should there be enough interest, Ill try to add additional ringtones as I generate them. Let me know what would sound great.

*Disclaimer: DrFerd does this for fun, not profit. DrFerd is not here to solve your technical issues. DrFerd will not respond to requests for help loading ringtones to your phone/iPad/device. If DrFerd can follow “Other approaches, part 3” and work it out, then you can as well.  


Other approaches for iOS/Android:


  1. Thanks BWK60: “To set up on an iPhone without a computer, choose “send a copy” of the Google Drive *.m4r file to your own file sharing service (Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.), then import that file into GarageBand (Audio Recorder > Tracks > Loops > Import from Cloud), and export from there directly to the phone’s ringtones.”
  2. http://www.i-funbox.com
  3. Google it. There are lots of walkthroughs out there.


  1. http://www.androidcentral.com/adding-your-own-custom-sounds-android
  2. http://www.androidcentral.com/adding-custom-ringtones-and-sounds-your-android
  3. Google it.




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